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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Quiet Perfection?


Quiet Perfection is the name that's been given to my spiritual practice.  On one level, it is only a label.  It’s not going to mean anything to anyone, other than me, until they’ve practiced it.  On another level, the words Quiet Perfection are a description of the state of peace that the practice leads one to. It is the peace that passeth understanding. When you experience The Truth, the state of peace, for yourself, you will understand why it's  called Quiet Perfection.  You, however, may also choose to call it something else.


Quiet Perfection is a method. It is a technique for becoming clear. It is a way to restore the mind to its natural state; calm and open and aware, instantly. The goal, the only goal, of Quiet Perfection is peace, now.


So, we could say our goal is the immediate attainment of mental liberation.  In other words, freedom from unhappiness, or suffering, right now. This freedom is "won" when we detach ourselves from our egos.  By ego I mean, our thought of our self as separate from anything else. There are numerous theories and countless systems to accomplish this goal.  Quiet Perfection combines the teachings, philosophies and practices of the great Masters of human history, but is not necessarily affiliated with any one religion.  The Truth is The Truth, and when realized in one’s life it will no longer be important whether you go to a church, a temple, a mosque, the park , or nowhere at all.


An individual’s experience of The Truth has been called many things throughout time.  God Realization.  The Oneness of Being.  Enlightenment.  Christ Consciousness.  Salvation. Heaven. All these words, and many others, refer to the awakening of the Spirit within you.  This awakening is stimulated and supported by our unwavering commitment to peace, now. 


It is fair to say that Quiet Perfection is the ultimate attitude adjustment.  It is the last self help program you will ever need.  By practicing the Four Steps to Freedom you can transcend base human nature and rediscover your true nature. 


 What are the Four Steps to Freedom?


They are four things every human can learn to do in order to achieve true inner peace, lasting happiness and understanding.


We can each learn to 1) repent, 2) be still, 3) express loving-kindness, 4) have faith.


Is it as easy as it sounds?



And no.

In Truth, it’s quite simple.  In theory, it can become convoluted.  In practice, it may get complicated.  That is why having a teacher is so beneficial.


A better explanation of the Four Steps may be helpful.


1)      Repentance is a willingness to change your mind. It is an admission to oneself that one might be mistaken.  It is an acceptance of responsibility.  To repent means you are willing to let go, perhaps only temporarily, of everything you currently believe to be true.  We must be willing to drop all of our opinions, preferences and beliefs, about everything and start over from scratch.

2)      The struggle for stillness is the metaphorical battle between Good vs. Evil.  The undertaking of this battle will be the hardest and most important thing you will ever do in this lifetime.  It is the greatest adventure you will ever have.  In repenting we admit that we need to change.  Stillness is where the change will take place.  To become still is to regain control of your mind.  It is the end of dualistic perception.  It is pure awareness.  It is meditation and prayer.  It is where we will discover the real meanings of the words humility, compassion, generosity, patience and forgiveness, for these words will become the core principles of your existence.

3)      The ability to selflessly express loving-kindness is your reward in the struggle against Evil/Ego.  It is also your weapon.  And you must earn it.  In stillness we realize that all of creation is connected.  When this realization is made it becomes obvious why the expression of loving-kindness is beneficial.  There is only One, and it is all of Creation.  Since the Creator is humble, so should we be.  Since the Creator is compassionate, so should we be, etc.  This is what it means to “go with the flow.”

4)      Faith is blind at first and grows with understanding.  Faith will tell you not to worry, the universe is exactly the way it is supposed to be, both the way it is and the way it isn’t.  Faith will give you courage and remove all your fears.  Eventually faith is no longer blind.  It turns into direct experience.  It is the difference between believing the stove is hot because mom said it is, and believing it’s hot because you’ve touched it.


When you have passed the beginning stages of practice you will see that all four steps are taking place simultaneously and constantly.


Who should practice Quiet Perfection?  Is it for everyone?


If we want to experience true peace and happiness at some point in time in our earthly lives, we will all have to deal with our egos.  Whether or not you follow the 4 Steps to Freedom as I have outlined and defined them is up to you.  There are other “programs” that will lead to spiritual enlightenment.  Some people are more comfortable with traditional religions, but most western religions do not emphasize stillness, and I believe it to be the cornerstone of the practice.


If you have sought out this type of information then you are probably ready to wake up, or already in the process of waking up.  This system is designed for you.  If you are reading this and think it’s a bunch of nonsense, or that you are already perfectly happy with life and your place in it, then now is probably not your time to undertake such a practice.


Can you some up Quiet Perfection in 5 words or less?


The art of paying attention.


Can you do it in 1?




Are "results" guaranteed?  

The only truly honest answer is "no". I can't guarantee anything, because I really don't do anything, except remind you of what you already know deep within you. If you honestly practice what is suggested, you will experience peace, calm and happiness in the moment. And if you apply what you have "learned" or better yet, "remembered", in your day to day, moment to moment life, you will continue to experience peace, calm and happiness on a day to day, moment to moment basis.

The truth of the matter is, you will forget again, and you will experience unhappiness, in some and/or many of it's various forms again. This does not mean that the method isn't working. It means it is. In truth,  these apparent "set-backs" are really necessary for the full healing if the mind, which is separated largely at the subconscious level. "Stuff" must come up, so we can become conscious of it, and then apply the method to it.

What does it cost to learn?


It's affordable.


Of course, I can't tell you what you can afford. Nor can I tell you what this information is worth. In fact, if you asked me, I'd say this information is priceless!


I offer a free consultation to all prospective clients. During the consultation we will come to a mutual agreement regarding what you think its worth, and what you can afford.

I want to emphasize that your contribution is not to be perceived as  payment for services rendered, rather, an offering of love and support. No contributions are required prior to our conversations, but if, after speaking with me, you feel the information shared is of value I will gratefully receive anything offered.

Quiet Perfection is not a non-profit organization.  Donations are not tax-deductible.?
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