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This is how it starts. It starts with the realization that, there's got to be another way. This way isn't working. Life shouldn't have to be the way it appears to be. Chaotic, hurried, and fearful. So very fearful! Lonely. Depressing. Overwhelming. You know…

At some point, something in us asks, "Is this the way it's supposed to be? Does it have to be this way? Am I really supposed to be so tired? So stressed out?"

These are important questions. They must be asked. But even more importantly, we must become willing to ask, "What if I'm wrong? What if I've been wrong, about everything, all along?" These questions lead us to the most fundamental, and important, question of all, "Who am I, really? At essence, what am I?" When the answer to this question is known, there will be no more questions!

What we are saying is that we must become willing to question all our opinions, preferences and beliefs. We must become willing to admit that what we believe, may not actually be true, and that who we think we are may not actually be what we really are.

We acknowledge that this can be a very difficult, disorienting and discomforting thing to do. But we also emphasize that it does not have to be.

So the question arises, now what? I'm willing to admit that I'm wrong. That all my interpretations of all my perceptions are quite possibly completely incorrect. Now what do I do?

Be still! Don't do anything. Make no effort. Offer no resistance to what is present. Notice, but don't think. Perceive, but don't interpret perception. Just watch. Just listen. Don't label, compare, or form an opinion. In other words, don't judge. Just be aware. This cannot be done unless one is in a state of full acceptance of the moment. Full acceptance of what is, now.

And again, the questions arises, now what? I am still. I am not thinking, but witnessing. What happens now? Creation! The creative expression of loving kindness! What does one do after one becomes still? One expresses loving kindness. Clearly, in stillness we see the Oneness of Creation. The Divine Connectivity of Light. It is revealed to us that we are One with everything! Everything is but a reflection of you.

Expressing loving kindness cannot correctly be called a doing. Something that occurs naturally when the correct conditions are achieved isn't really a doing, so much as an undoing. The water flows freely when the dam is removed.

How does one express loving kindness? Simply, see yourself in everyone, and everyone in yourself. Treat other people the way you'd like to be treated if you were in their shoes. Here are the basics: be patient, be humble, be compassionate, be forgiving, be generous, be friendly, be calm. You know, be at peace!

A fear arises at this point. Something in us says, "If I express nothing but loving kindness, I'll be taken advantage of. I'll get walked all over. I'll be seen as weak." It says, "It's impossible to be at peace all the time!"

I believe that it is possible.  I've learned it.  So can you.  Read my essays on Quiet Perfection and the 4 Steps to Freedom.  See what I have to share with you.

Quiet Perfection

Quiet Perfection - 4 Steps to Freedom

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